Reporting out, on WELLNESS

Last blog was angry and tense. I warned folks, ahead of the read…

This time, I am feeling very optimistic about my life and my world. I always promise to fulfill my intention to GO THROUGH my emotions, to the other side.

I am not a Buddhist. Mindfulness is wondrous, and I need to rant/scream/shake rattles/ make voodoo dolls and stick pins in them, WHATEVER.

ART from Afiay stay 1

Because I am claiming my identity as an African-AmeriKKKan, slave descent woman who is NOT supposed to be alive. Meaning, on reviewing my life, I understand that:

  1. I was never supposed to have succeeded as well as I have
  2. I was supposed to have “assimilated” more thoroughly, in order to succeed
  3. I have been infected with a level of internalized oppression designed to destroy me.

stay loudAnd yet I rise. And soon, I THRIVE.

Spirit and Synchronicity have gifted me with two months of over the top adventures. Those experiences leave me with new knowledge and understanding of who I am. And, of who I AM NOT.

First, I thank the Mary Ellen Copeland Center for giving me the opportunity to attend “Wrap Around the World” on a scholarship. I breathed through biting my nails two days before I was due to begin driving the 14 hours to the three day international conference when I only had $4 “accessible”. $4 doesn’t fill my tank, and even if I slept in my car, I couldn’t do it on that tight a budget. So when I had no money for gas, I decided that I simply would have to cancel the trip, if my assets didn’t “liquify” on time. We can skip details of the reasons I didn’t have access to more money (and I thank those of you who continue to help me tread water out here, through donations to, but the essence is this;  AmeriKKKa is so class-driven that we constantly shame, blame, and SEGREGATE people who don’t have steady incomes, stable and documentable addresses, credit cards/”good” credit histories.

Access to my money came through one day before I began to drive. Hallelujah!

WRAP around The World taught me several things. First, I didn’t know that California has been the crucible for the Mad Pride movement over the last 40 years. Thank God (Goddess? God-US?) for those white kids who dropped out from their wealthy families, took too much or the wrong LSD, and ended up on psych wards! Because they had the privilege to get released. And the compassion (through their lived experience) to care about the Ones Left Behind.   WRAP types

When I looked around me, marveling at the amount of MONEY that was clearly being used for preventative mental health in California, I learned that this was due to “The Robin Hood Tax”. California has been taxing it’s millionaires at a rate similar to the REST of us for over 10 years. Much of that money has been channeled into preventive mental health. And it shows.

WRAP supplies

Third, WRAP Around the World got me excited, because of the DIVERSITY of faces and places represented in that room of several hundred folks. Black Christians. Brown Muslims. White social workers. European visitors. Go-Getters from Hong Kong.


Inspired and encouraged, I drove that 14 hours again, three days later, and came back “home” to the Bellingham, Washington area to attend another mental health community event: Hope and Resiliency in a Complex World”

flyer for Hope and Resilience conference

flyer for Hope and Resilience conference

At one of the local high schools, parents, teens, young adults, and “other Carers” shared from the heart strategies on what works, how to live together with more authenticity, and how to get/ Stay well.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning, IN ACTION!

Look to this site, and to my “Temple of the Healthy Spirit” facebook page, for a more in-depth discussion on the practical tools from these two events.

For now, I am happily fatigued, and will do good self care by resting.

Be Well, everyone.

the cartoon

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2 Responses to Reporting out, on WELLNESS

  1. Bob Bestwick says:

    Glad that you are doing well. Anyone who feels has a hard time in this world. Too many see others and dangerous rather than friends that they haven’t met yet. Having lived most of my life as warrior I can appear to trust everyone without having to trust them. I have been doing much better at letting people into my heart finally after years of effort. I naturally trust women and children. Men I have mad self defense skills so none are real threats to me but I used to think, obsess actually about having to stop them is they hurt women children or even other men. I have helped a lot of people by this but it just isn’t a good way to live. I have always been very good at reading people but I never trusted that ability. I listen more to it now. I am also trying to accelerate these changes by finding a good therapist. Sadly it will have to be a woman as I trust them pretty much at first sight. I really want a few perfectly peaceful years inside me before I go. Funny how I keep coming back to my NDE I keep seeing my body as this empty husk after being forced back. I was above it crying tears of joy having had been healed of so many guilt’s that I was not and could never be responsible for yet I could hear my body thinking quite differently. My body was on duty worried that if anyone attacked an innocent I could not move so I couldn’t help them. It then found that it could move it’s arm so it could insult the attackers and draw them away from the innocents once they got close I could stab them in the eye with my IV line and while they were taking their rage out on me the innocents could be gotten to safety. All my martial arts skills all of the nightmarish way of seeing the world was in the husk below me. I then got quickly drawn into my body and found myself sitting up staring at a nurse that was flipping out because of my unconscious body scanning and watching everyone. That woman got married to another nurse 2 weeks later. So many things to deal with isn’t there? Hope your life continues to gain in serenity. hope and happiness my friend.

  2. Namaste says:

    I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well. Bellingham, WA is a great place to live. The community is fairly liberal, and the coffee is also good. We danced to Wild Asparagus once there, too. If you still like contra, I’d suggest checking it out.

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