Loving Blackness (#1)

Having a week of MUCH introspection, I was reading bell hooks, and really breathing into the quote below. She is processing an entire classroom of progressive college students Black and white alike “missing the boat” on an idea she was attempting to explore:

” I had witnessed a ritualistic demonstration (in her Yale classroom) of the impact white supremacy had on our collective psyches…the most frightening aspect of this was the extent to which (students) fascination with the topic of black self-hatred was so intense that it silenced any constructive discussion about LOVING BLACKNESS”


Well I feel ripe for exploring how it feels to promote my love of Blackness, and my challenges at the ubiquity of white supremacy in this AmeriKKKan life. So I’ll just let the juices simply flow…

And, I am starting with The Lion King. Not sure how many people are aware of the fact that the Lion King Disney cartoon is based on HAMLET?

When I saw the Broadway production (at the largesse of my aunt who purchased tickets while we were in Los Angeles California), I was immediately transported back to my first experience of Disneyland at age 11. The Lion King was The Tiki Room, all over again!


Oops. Clarification. Not QUITE Tiki Room. Cultural appropriation of South African Traditions not Polynesian!

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVED The Tiki Room. It was the most magical experience that I had at age eleven. So this entire blog began with me reminiscing about times when I saw “other than AmeriKKKan white” in ways that felt sparkly, and powerful.

Below are two songs that speak to Spirit, courage, and strength in difficult and challenging times (for political correctness, change pronouns in the first song to WTF you want: “she”/”it”/”they” or “none of the above”)!


And before you ask me, yes, it bothers me that this song in all it’s power must be placed in the character of a witch doctor BABOON. But, hey, I am starting with what this country gives me…


The lyrics, translated

Does the melody remind you of any OTHER “cultural appropriation DEFINITELY an issue” song, running through your childhood memories?

Maybe this version:

Or, this one?


Things that make you go, “HMMMMM”…

For those who love dance and movement:

This is my contribution to the season of love and light; a reminder that Blackness is not the opposite of light. And, that themes that are AFRICAN have fed this AmeriKKKan culture since (before) it’s inception.

Happy HOLLOW Days, to everyone; may you find your own creatively maladjusted ways to enrich this (increasingly shallow? consumer-driven!) experience!   black_nativity_set_lJ4050

Obama Hanukkah 2011





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  1. Hi Opeyemi

    Thank you for this fabulous offering! I never saw the Lion King and was unaware that the first songs character was a Baboon witch doctor,,, all I know is I burst into tears when it started! It was amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! I wish I could see the lion king now but I imagine it is long gone from any nearby stage . What a pity!!! Thanks again , pam

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