Loving BLACKNESS Kwanzaa Day 4 UJAMAA 

Which translates Cooperative economics. With the current Awakening in this country to the #metoo movement and its reverberations I have to begin with the experience of black women.

This morning, I woke up and listened to this 15 minute story on the relationship between harassment of women by men in power and the consequences to the women’s careers and earning capacity:

 Listen to: Where Does The #MeToo Movement Go From Here? – http://one.npr.org/i/571199923:571371416

And, it was clear from this  conversation that the world is much much worse when the women are any color other than white and the men are white and privileged. That should be nothing new. Just a point of emphasis, on this day dedicated to looking at Cooperative economics. Black women remaining. “Da mules of da world” ( Zora Neale Hurston)

Then, I went for more in-depth information on John Hockenberry, someone who’s NPR radio program I have admired. Another Fallen Idol:

The man in the photo above not only harassed 3 black female co-hosts incessantly but had the chutzpah to say to Farai Chideya,

 “You shouldn’t stay here just as a ‘diversity hire, … And you should go lose weight.'”… “That a white man, albeit a disabled one, ended up being alone at the top of the diversity show was definitely ironic, but for some of the women at the ‘The Takeaway,’ it was more than that. The message, according to Kristen Meinzer, a culture producer for eight years, was: ‘If you speak up, you’ll disappear.’ ”


Wow, this is bad. And this guy was
perpetuating his salacious bullying from a WHEELCHAIR.

Which certainly tells me how deep white supremacy goes.

Last night at my Kwanzaa West, a black man commented on the economic system and the time a dollar spends in the black community. That factoid on the 6 hours turnaround for $$$ in Black community carries a LOT of baggage:

But there is something to the idea of African Americans having survived slavery, survived our own pogroms with the destruction of Black Wall Street, never seeming to be able to have this country treat us as the entrepreneurs and capitalists of that elusive AmeriKKKan Dream.

With that being a lot to think about on one day each year, I dream of a Cooperative economic model that has women out first. It comes out of the third world with micro financing, noting that when women are given money it goes to Community Development (not always the case when men receive loans). Not being a fan of capitalism in the first place, this entire conversation is challenging for me.

But it can be easy to forget that sexual harassment is a form of illegal workplace discrimination. The law against it is intended to allow women to do their jobs and pursue their professional goals with the same freedom as men.

Women of all colors other than white have been deeply hobbled in trying to move forward professionally. White women less so,  but everyone is speaking up. 


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  1. Finally indeed! Amen!!!

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