Opeyemi is a ceremonialist, healing artist and health educator with a mission; to help clients find their way to empowered, celebrated and healthy lives. Opeyemi received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and her M.D. from George Washington University. She parented a daughter and son into adulthood by co-creating intentional families in several cooperative settings.

Opeyemi draws on over 20 years as a family doctor, a parent, and an intrepid explorer of alternative relationships. Opeyemi formerly worked as the Medical Director of MCI Framingham and as a General Practitioner at the Marino Center for Progressive Health. She has also worked closely with alternative healers, and is currently a board certified member of the American Holistic Medical Association, an organization of 900 M.D’s and D.O’s dedicated to bringing caring, compassion, and community back into the conventional health model. Opeyemi taught for five semesters at the New England School of Acupuncture.


Current Clients:
Inspirit Common
Treehouse Communities
Community Health Education Center

List of satisfied individual clients available upon request

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  1. Hello:

    Just saw your recently posted YouTube video apology about circumcision. I am an RN with NOCIRC and Intact America, two organizations that educate about the lack of necessity, and the physical, emotional, sexual, and ethical harms of circumcision – as well as about the anatomy, function, development, and care of the normal intact penis.

    I was very moved to hear your video, and truly hope that you can continue to speak out against circumcision, and help show other physicians struggling with this. For many men who are circumcised and unhappy about it, just hearing an apology like that can be a very healing thing.

    Our medical/nursing training certainly never gave any of us anything to go on to realize the value of the foreskin, the harm that was being done, or the ethical principles that were being violated. It takes openness, courage, and integrity to come to a place of rejecting what we have previously done when we were less informed and less conscious, and to try to make amends. We need more doctors speaking out about this, so that more and more will come to the place of putting down the knife and protecting baby boys’ birthright to wholeness.

    I want to mention that our Colorado NOCIRC group is hosting the bi-annual NOCIRC Symposium on Circumcision, Genital Integrity, and Human Rights in Colorado in 2014. We would love to have you speak of your experience at the SYmposium! I hope I may contact you when we are ready for a call for abstracts.

    Also would like to point you to some resources. Doctors Opposing Circumcision can put you in touch with other doctors against circumcision, some of whom I know personally. There is so much to know, so much work to be done to end this cultural horror, and we all need emotional support to process the trauma, which eveyone touched by circumcision has in one way or another. You are not alone in your feelings.

    Check out:

    Again, thanks for your powerful video apology. I am happy to correspond with you if you are looking for more ways to get connected other health professionals in the “intactivist” community.

    SIncerely, Gillian Longley Rn, BSN, MSS

  2. Peggy Garland says:

    I hope this is an ok place to leave a comment. I saw your post on Facebook but could not figure out how to comment and say hello. I was glad to hear of your current positive situation, after many trials. Best wishes to you in your current healer role. I am almost totally retired, not practicing midwifery anymore at all, but working on behalf of midwives and mothers through national and state organizations. About to do a project for the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives.
    Big hugs,

    • ceremonyheals says:

      Good to hear from you! As you see, I am not really skilled at this website stuff (just found your comment)! My 2013 resolution is to focus and improve my outreach. I’ll be checking in, next year. Be Well, Peggy!

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