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Blogs in this group will address women’s health issues and present “lesson plans” to be done at the pace of the participant. This program began with the pagan new year (Samhain or Halloween) and will continue for nine months. While participants will benefit from the full program, in sequence, Drop ins are welcome.


… not to be confused with losing it. Last week Monday, fresh off of the kidney stones, I had a triggering experience that left me with symptoms and signs of needing much more emotional support than I was giving myself. … Continue reading

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Pissed Off, HURT, (and healing?)

Day fifty six of The Apocalypse. I claim mythopoetic space right now…I have held archetypal energies as a model for many artists …and some of those “bigger than LIFE” feelings are not what the doctor told you they were. So … Continue reading

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A Day Without (Jewish) WOMEN? Really?

Here’s an official website: I want to believe that we can pull this one off; but my FEARS keep me cynical. FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real. I am going to break this down, one ethnic/religious group at a time. What … Continue reading

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Women’s Mystery School Weekend Events!

Here are the activities available this weekend (12/18 through 12/20) for your general enjoyment. All give us “Mystery Schoolers” an opportunity to meet each other, in the flesh: Friday night: Join Opeyemi for her circle of community event, being held … Continue reading

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