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 CHANNELING the MUSE– (link takes you to all the programs) an educational radio show/podcasts created by Opeyemi Parham, M.D.  Each one hour edition of Opeyemi Parham’s Channeling the Muse” focuses on a different topic, such as:

Influenza. Our “panic” over it. Our history with this viral illness, in the twentieth century. How to stay calm. What to do with our feelings. What to do for ourselves, health-wise. This is a Re-EDITED version of the influenza show originally produced in May. First airing in Fall of 2009, the hysteria over flu was worse than this author had anticipated. As I update the description in 10/2010 we had “missed” the horrible H2N2 pandemic that was predicted… hmmmmm.

Addiction. Channeling the muse show on the various types of addiction we endure… includes a look at T.V./screen issues, and consumerism




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  1. JD Houston says:

    Dr. O can you call me as soon as possible? Been trying to contact you. Thanks. JD

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